Havertown, PA Personal Insurance Advisors

The town of Havertown was founded by Welsh Quakers in 1681. The land was purchased by William Penn.william Penn founded the town Havertown in the 1600’s. The town is home to many historic sites, such as the grange mansion, this mansion was a Revolutionary War figure for George Washington and General Lafayette. This brought lots of historical background to the town of Havertown located in Chester county Pennsylvania. Niter Hall was also located within the town’s area. Havertown supplied the United States with over 800,000 pounds of gunpowder during the War of 1812.

Havertown is also known for its large Irish American population. Many Irish Americans still live there today. According to the 2000 US Census, Haverford town ranks in the top 60 of recognized municipalities through the nation in percentage of population with Irish ancestry. The neighborhood takes pride in its distinct Irish heritage and is home to many Irish bars and stores. Many locals still reverentially refer to Havertown as the 33rd county referring to Ireland. For these reasons the neighborhood is a very popular destination for Irish immigrants. Of the 51,560 residents, 11,182 noted Irish as their first reported ancestry.

Havertown is notable for being the birthplace of Swell Bubble Gum, which closed its doors in late 2004, and was burnt down in 2011. In 2013, the site became the home of the new Haverford Area YMCA. This being said Havertown has developed a steady history here in Chester county Pennsylvania. The town has a big Irish background and is seen to be the immigration central location. Havertown is definitely a historical place to live.

Element Risk Management provides Personal Insurance Advising to residents living within Havertown, Pennsylvania. Our Insurance Experts know whats best for your specific insurance needs and we will work with you to develop and find the correct insurance plan for you.

Our licensed insurance advisors know the value of insurance in Havertown and can explain the complexities of insurance in your area in simple terms. We’re local to the communities we serve. Our insurance agents are your neighbors…they share your interest in the community where you live, and understand the benefits and challenges of these areas. They are highly involved in the local community, sponsoring youth sports teams, buying from your local businesses, supporting school organizations, and voicing opinions at the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting. They are right around the corner, ready to help.

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