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Disney gets $50 million pay out on Carrie Fisher aka Key Man Insurance

By January 10, 2017Personal Insurance

At Element Risk we’re Star Wars fans.  My personal favorite was Empire Strikes Back, but after seeing Rogue One?  My mind may have been changed (I mean the last scene with Darth Vader was awesome).  Ok, enough on that already.

We were also sad to see the news on Carrie Fisher.  Disney, who had signed her on for 3 Star Wars movies, had completed two but hadn’t started production on the third.  Of course, the producers of the third movie must have been devastated by the news – scripts have to be rewritten, maybe plot lines changed – who knows?

The Disney Corporation was no fool, though.  They placed life insurance on Carrie Fisher just in case something, anything, were to happen to her.  It was a way to protect their investment (I mean, they paid over a billion dollars for the Star Wars Franchise).  Seriously – this is for real.  Check out the story here.

There’s a real life lesson in here for business owners.  Life insurance on folks your business can’t live without is a real thing, and can mean a great deal to a company should something tragic happen.

Do you have a key man or woman your firm can’t live without?  Take Disney’s lead and look into life insurance.